The Words

The first edition appeared in 2010, looking very much like a school exercise book, grouping together a limited number of local poets. The contents merited better than the rudimentary cover it got!

From the outset, the idea of a ‘house-style’ was rigorously rejected. Too many in the (let’s admit it!) rather insular world of contemporary poetry lecture us on what a poem is, or should be. The Editor believes in the vast range of possibilities of this creative form in terms of accessibility, texture and ambition. This edition, as previous ones, seeks to present a multiplicity of ‘Voices’.

Rhyme if you want; free verse if you want; scan if you want or- indeed- a mixture of these.

The priority is that contributors speak sincerely and embrace the realm of poetic expression.


The Images

For the third time, Côte Poets+ welcomes the involvement of the visual arts: painting, photography, sculpture. If poetry can be viewed as a type of verbal tableau, then there exists a natural alliance, the two forms each adding value to the other. As with the poetry, the aim is to present the widest range possible of artistic creations.

CÔTE POETS+ will continue to explore the potential of this partnership.


Without Frontiers

The spinal column of the magazine remains based on regional poets/artists. However, it now welcomes contributors from all points of the compass. Look through the 7th Edition to see how many countries are represented! We welcome all those who share our commitment to the richness of diversity, no matter what their origins, no matter where they live.


Hard Copy Only!

Our warmest gratitude to the designers who have allowed us access to cyberspace. However, if you stumble on this site don’t forget the ‘real thing’ exists, waiting to be seen and read. Use the CONTACTS page to obtain your copy. The ancestral process of ‘snail mail’ is still possible.



Côte Poets+ will continue for as long as it attracts new participants. It would rather expire than become the property of a group of ‘initiés’ speaking only to each other.